chesterfield camp

chesterfield camp

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Day 7

Day 7 saw the final day on site for the group. Despite a drizzly start to the day, more progress was made to the walls. 

A huge thank you to Ralph for the Bakewell tart and pudding enjoyed at tea break. 

The group continued working until about 2pm before finishing for the week, taking a group photo and stopping for lunch.

The space being created for the spill weir got bigger. 

After lunch all the tools were cleaned, counted and packed away.

In the evening Chesterfield Canal Trust took a group of us on a boat trip along the Canal from Hollingwood Hub to Staveley Town Basin. 

Unfortunately it was pouring with rain but that didn't stop a few having a turn steering the boat.

We then headed back to Hollingwood Hub and enjoyed a buffet dinner with the Trust where CCT's Dave Kiddy won the prestigious Tool of the Week for forgetting his trousers. 

Andy later won the Minor Tool Award for his mystery tour of Chesterfield and tipping over a barrow of blocks.

A huge thank you to Chesterfield Canal Trust for providing the boat trip, and to all the volunteers for their hard work on site this week.