chesterfield camp

chesterfield camp

Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 2 (The wet one)

The day started with an early morning frantic attempt to relocate all of the kit back into the main hall (beautiful orchestrated by myself & mommy Tina)

We had a good hearty breakfast, during which a wild Simon appeared.
The weather went from overcast to "it's raining sideways!" Nevertheless we donned our waterproofs and PPE, and made our way to site.

Despite the downpour we persevered - setting up the welfare shelter and doing a full trailer kit check, but after two hours on a very soggy site, the decision was made to pack up and go back to the accommodation.

However, the day wasn't wasted as one group went on a magical mystery tour of Barrow Hill Roundhouse ...

Whilst the rest found their own means of entertainment back at he accommodation.
Georgeous and Ju slaved over a jigsaw ... only to find someone had stolen a piece.

Comedy duo Lynne and Maureen treated us all to a fabulous surprise ...

Happy Christmas from Staveley!