chesterfield camp

chesterfield camp

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 3 (The one with showers)

You wouldn't Adam and Eve the weather. Sun shining, blue skies and a refreshing breeze! We all ambled down to site in high spirits and swung straight into action - a crack team set to work pumping water from the canal bed.

"There I was, diggin' a hole ..."

Whilst the newbies received brick saw training.

They were then set to work giving the compound a much needed tidy, removing several pallets of 6" blocks - replacing them with pallets of 4" blocks, and then moving 3 pallets of 'reject' bricks (painstakingly hand picked from "brick mountain" many moons ago) to the rubble pile.

Lunch was fast approaching and efforts were made to start pumping out the paddle culverts - resulting in an impromptu shower for Andy, who was then sent off for another shower.

After lunch, a team embarked on constructing shuttering for a mass concrete pour on Wednesday

whilst Ben, Finlay and Robbie were given training on the brick table - cutting a groove in the bricks to give a faux 'header' fascade.

As the last few stragglers started to leave site, we were hit by a mini hail shower. But we were treated to George's beautiful rendition of "I can see a rainbow"

Dinner was Lasagne (or 'Lancashire' if you're Pete)

Tonight's entertainment was bowling in Chesterfield - after 2 hours, it's safe to say we were cream crackered.