chesterfield camp

chesterfield camp

Friday, 8 August 2014

Day 6

Day 6, the day started well with another fry up courtesy of Georgeous. The group headed down to site and got everything set up, got some block laying, demolition, and digging underway, before enjoying Michelle's awesome blueberry cupcakes.

Kate, Ruth and Charlene set up the table saw and cut grooves into bricks.

Harrison and Pablo mixed 'gobbo' for the block layers.

Colin filled in a hole.

Olivia joined the block laying team for the day and laid more blocks than George.

Tina practiced alternative block laying techniques (please note, this shot was staged and Tina did not throw the mortar).

After lunch Colin ran digger taster sessions for the DofE-ers. 

After a long day, the wing walls at the bottom of the lock were near completion and the steps on Constitution Hill Bridge were finished.

After showers, the group had chicken casserole with roasties, followed by rhubarb crumble, jelly and I've cream and fruit salad. Then some of the volunteers burnt popcorn and watched a film.