chesterfield camp

chesterfield camp

Monday, 28 July 2014

pre camp


This summer a group from the waterway recovery group will be going to Staveley near Chesterfield, the aim of the camp is to carry on build a new lock , The group will be about 20 volunteers from all over the England and France and ages from 18 to 72 , male and female volunteers,
The work over the week will be very varied  from block laying to machine operating  and everyone will get a chance to try everything , 
In the group there will some doing their Duke of Edinburgh's Gold award Residential part
we will be staying in Staveley welfare miners club 

below are some photos of the lock before we start work

This is looking down onto the lock from the road bridge

A new wall of blocks to be laid on the right

 Looking back towards the road bridge

 Inside the lock

One of the wing walls that have to be built up

This wing wall needs more blocks and the backfill with stone

 We have to dig out this area and lay a sub base ready for a concrete footing

This wing wall need to be painted black and back filled and rolled

 A photo of the block wing walls so far

Behind this wall it  has to back filled and a ramp made into the base of the canal